2012 Club Update

I know everyone is wondering what is going on with the club this year…

I want to first apologize for not taking the bull by the horns and getting things done. I know you all put your trust in me and I am sorry you may feel as if I have let you down.
But, I can not do this by myself. I need other members input. Almost all of you have my phone number and if you don’t, you know someone that does. I will post my phone, email, and Facebook contact info at the bottom of this post.

This is where we left off at the meeting on Dec 14:

  • League will be 16 weeks from May 2 – August 22
  • League Membership/Tags will sell for as follows:
    • $20 tag/year + towel
    • Ryan M. was going to get prices for club discs and club swag(water bottle, minis, etc)

    • $10 replacement tag
  • The league tag design was created by Ryan M. and needed to be tweaked and then he was going to get that design to both myself and Josh H. and Dave D.
  • Josh H. was going to get us some numbers for the cost of making the tags at his work with Dave D.

I spoke to Dave D. in late Dec right before New Years and he told me he was going to be busy during the late holidays and that he would make us some sample tags for us to decide over. I have not gotten the tag design from Ryan, I have not heard from Josh H./Dave D. about the costs, and I have not heard/seen the tag samples from Josh H./Dave D.
If the above has happened… then why was I not informed??

PS: I have found that I can order aluminum golf bag tags for roughly $1.00 a piece and I have access to an engraving machine that I can use at no cost to the league. Add the cost of key rings and we are looking at roughly $1.25 total a tag.
2 Sizes: Ebay Link 1 | Ebay link 2
Sample Output: Link 1 | Link 2

I want to thank Ryan M. for creating a Facebook account. I see that a lot of league members have friended/subscribed to the account and I will make sure to post to the account as well as here.

I know we need a leader that will take charge and make sure things get done. I am still willing to be that person, as long as I get the help and communication needed from the other members that want to be involved.
We do need to meet again, soon!! I propose that we meet later this week. Can the Hole 19 crew host?? Let’s get a date/time set by tomorrow. Call/email/post – whatever it takes.

I ask everyone to please continue to push me and the league to make it what you want. We can do this!!!

My Contact Info:
Phone: 303.775.3207
email: frank@longspeakdiscgolf.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/phrankerCO