Club Update for September

Some announcements and updates for late August and September.

  • *The League Award Party is scheduled for Sun. September 9 at Centennial Disc Park.  Please contribute to this forum postwith some ideas for food and prizes.
    • *10a – 12p — Church Round
    • *12p – 1p  — Lunch
    • *1p – 2p  — Crap Shoot (9 holes)
    • *2p – 3p  —  Ring-o-Fire and Awards
  • *The league standings have been updated and finalized. Remember, your 4 worst weeks will be dropped from your total to determine awards. Also posted are your weekly scratch scores for reference.
  • *The League Ace Pool ($390) was not won and will be used to fund the Award Party.
  • *We will be holding our annual club sponsored tournament – Lunacy IV – near the end of September. The tentative date for the event is 9/30. More information will be posted in the next week or so.
  • *We will be holding a Doubles Tournament this fall near the beginning/middle of October. Again, more information will be posted when available.
  • *An impromptu $5 Random Doubles match will be held on Wednesdays around 6pm during the fall. We will alternate courses each week. We played at Centennial this week (8/29) and Loomiller next week (9/5). Come out and join the fun.