Course Maintenance

Recently there has been some discussions regarding course maintenance, specifically trash removal. I, nor the club, are going to take sides with any individuals. So, to resolve the issue, we have come up with a solution that I think everyone can accept.

Starting tomorrow, Week 9, we will be handing out a small trash bag with each card for each hole. We ask that someone in each group please swap the trash bags on the tee signs and then walk the full bag to the nearest trash can. To make it fair, each group can flip discs to see who takes care of it, or someone can volunteer from the group and take care of it.

I’m sure most members have heard that the club suffered a set back weeks ago and is trying to work out a resolution with the parties involved. I promise I will do my best to resolve the issue and work out any grievances members may have. Until a final resolution is in place, I ask that everyone please be amicable and know that I am doing my best to work this out while trying to better this club for each and every member. The details of the situation and any resolution will be announced when I get back in town.