League Award Party

2012 Summer League Award Party

Date: Sunday September 9, 2012
Time: 10a – 3p
Location: Centennial Disc Park / Hole 19

The day will start with a 18 hole tag match just like every other Sunday Church match. Following the round will be lunch (food and soft drinks) served in the gazebo. Feel free to bring food, snacks, or drinks to share with everyone. If you plan to bring anything, post it in the forum so we don’t have too much of one thing. Shortly after lunch we will play a 9 hole crap-shoot match with a Ring-o-Fire and prizes & awards to follow after.

Feel free to bring a guest, spouse, and/or family for a fun day of disc golf and prizes!!

As always, if the Ace Pool is not hit in the next 2 rounds, the money will be used to fund the party and prizes.