Meet the Candidates

As discussed, we will be holding the first club Board of Directors election on Wednesday May 29 before Week 4 round begins. All members will receive a paper ballot and will be asked to vote for 4 candidates to comprise the LPDGC Board of Directors. The general roles and responsibilities of the positions will include but is by no means limited to:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings (quarterly), open to all club members, to review current action items.
  • 2 year commitment.
  • TD roles in club events such as league and tournaments.
  • Sponsorship acquisition and club promotion.
  • Representation of club members for club decisions and its direction.

Your candidates are:

Pete Sherek
Started playing 26 years ago with a 165gm Whamo Frisbee. Before discs were invented.
Formed the LPDGC in 2001.
President until 2011.
Looking to bring the knowledge gained from running the club to help it continue to succeed.
Other interests are camping, fishing, and riding my motorcycle
Dave Mohelsky
I have been a club member for 5 years or so now. I learned how to play disc golf here in Longmont and have enjoyed all the new friends I have met while doing so. I believe the disc golf community here in Longmont as well as other cities is an important part of a maintaining a balanced park system for all to enjoy. I was a very active member in the building of the course at centennial along with a select group of others who put their hard work into the cause. I would like to continue putting my efforts into leading this club into the future in a professional but fun manner. I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty in the digging on new holes or the extra concrete needed on the end of the tee pads at centennial for a “follow through area”. I will continue to put my garage and tools available to stage and complete the improvements needed at Centennial Park and Loo Miller.
I have seen the population of all ages of people and families enjoying the courses here in town. I do believe we as a club have the ability to promote the sport even further through providing clean, safe and well maintained courses for all to use. I enjoy what the community has given to me through the use of their parks for my enjoyment which makes me want to give back to the community through my services on helping maintain and build the existing courses we have. May we all throw well and respect others around at the same time. As a group we can achieve great things.
Tim Brainard
My name is Tim Brainard PDGA number 44945. I started playing disc golf in 2004 after moving to Fort Collins from Boston MA. A neighbor played Edora every Sunday morning and he asked me to join him. I was hooked after that. I played every Sunday for about a year and a half until I was deployed to Iraq. I packed my Magnet and Sidewinder and went to the desert well there I would practice putting to relieve stress and think about home. No baskets so I just putted at a pole. When I came home in late 2007 I went back to playing Sundays with my neighbor. After that life got in the way for a little bit I moved to Conifer 2009 where I started playing again. That’s where I started improving the most. I would play three to four times a week trying different discs and different styles. In 2010 I joined the PDGA and played my first tournament that year as an intermediate. I placed 8th at Colorado State Championship that made me want to play more tournaments. In 2011 I only played tags because of a new job that was taking up a lot of my time. In 2012 I signed up for next tournament I went on to placing 6th in advanced at the Grateful Disc. I played three more tournaments that year along with four one day events. I have played two tournaments this year and hope to play more.
As a member of the board I would do my best to bring more events to Longmont such as a doubles tournament and making Lunacy a C-tier event. I would also like to expand our club further in to Boulder County. I believe we could get more members by using both the current courses in Boulder for league and Sunday tags. I would plan to do more travel tags on Sundays and interact more with the surrounding clubs as well. I would like to work on getting more courses emplaced in the surrounding area and getting the community more involved.
Bryan Hollis
I started playing disc golf in May 2011 in Longmont. I have had an amazing time being a part of this fantastic league and meeting all of you phenomenal guys. I try to be a friend to everyone and always try to see the bright side of things, on and off of the course. I am a very positive person, even in difficult times. I am easy to approach and try to be fair and listen to all sides before coming to a conclusion.
Even though I’ve only played the sport for a short amount of time, I find myself very active- whether it be rounds with buddies, regular league attendance, traveling to sanctioned tournaments, and seeking out courses when on family vacations. I currently work at a men’s transition sober house, and I often drag them out to throw rounds with me. These experiences are fulfilling in that I’m able to share my passion in teaching them fundamentals, and promoting an “up and coming” sport.
I think I’d be a great member of the board because I am very connected with my community. Not only do I inspire participation in disc golf, but I think I could also motivate members to become more involved in our community as individuals as well as league members.
Please consider this Letter of Intent as a general request to become a member of our Board. I’m really excited to be in a position to commit as a Board member. I look forward to working together and implementing consistency and change within our club. Thank you for considering me.
Sean Lewis
In addition to basically living on our courses, I’m very interested in becoming more active in the club. Specifically, I would like to oversee the marketing of our club, and gaining awareness of our beloved sport. I believe that the sport of disc golf is an amazing, and highly marketable product just waiting to be discovered by many of our local businesses. In the past, I was highly active in The Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club as they prepared for, and hosted the Am Worlds. We had many local vendors as sponsors to raise money for the event.
My entire life has been centered around sales and marketing. I’ve spent over a decade in retail automotive sales developing relationships, marketing my product lineup, and closing deals in a turbulent negotiating environment. I currently have relationships with a few notable businesses and breweries in the area that I believe would sponsor events. I would also like to see some paid advertising on our website, and hole sponsorship.
On top of marketing the club, I also wish to be involved with the town, and any possible course additions or improvements. I will maintain a steady presence at town meetings to ensure that the club is represented.
With the incredibly active lifestyle in Colorado, disc golf should be an easy sale. It has steady growth in players, explosive growth in number of courses, and is starting to get media attention. It also happens to be pretty fun. Businesses should jump at the opportunity to get on board, and I hope to be able to prove that with your blessing. Thank you for your consideration, and I’ll see you all at tags!
Colten Montgomery
Bio not submitted