Week 2, Handicap Wins, Adjusted Scores

Club members have decided: The league format will continue using a handicap adjusted scoring system to determine points for overall league standings. We had a vote before our round this week, and with a close margin, handicap scoring won out. I understand that some feel the divisions implemented this year may seem redundant, but it does allow the club to award more prizes at the end of the season.

Just like last year, I have implemented a rule that all first recorded round scores will only award a player 1 point. I forgot about this when posting last weeks scores, so Week 1 scores have been adjusted. This ensures fairness in the league due to players not having an established handicap playing against players who do. To sum it up, your first week of league (no matter when), will only award you 1 point in the league standings and you will not be calculated in the player pool for that week. Once you have played a minimum of 1 round, a handicap will be calculated and used to form your adjusted score which will be updated and used for subsequent weeks.

Week 2 Results League Standings Handicap/Scratch Data
2013.week2.results 2013.Point.Totals.wk2 2013.Handicaps.wk2