2014 Summer League – Week 7 Standings

3 weeks in a row!!
Pete S made $38 off 1 throw acing Hole 1 this past Wednesday. Also, Paul E. won the raffle. Congratulations to both!!
We had a packed course of 52 players this week. As the club – and the sport – continues to grow, we all need to remember our course/player etiquette and responsibilities. Please remember that we play in shared parks and with that comes a few added responsibilities. Drinking and drug use in Longmont city parks is illegal so please be discreet and use caution. Also, non-disc playing patrons of the park will always be a burden we have to accept when playing in our shared parks. The LPDGC club has decided to make some signs to inform and warn park patrons of the sport and the parks use, specifically on League & Tournament days, to hopefully stop random groups from jumping in front of cards and to also help inform non-disc playing patrons of the importance of being attentive to the sport going on around them.
Also, to help increase the speed of play due to the large numbers coming out every week, I ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the PDGA rules, specifically the 2 chapters on Courtesy & Order of Play (links below).
801.04 Courtesy
801.05 Order of Play

Thank you!