2014 Summer League – Week 9 Standings

Just a little late with the Week 9 standings. The Trilogy Challenge kept all of us busy this week – but it was well worth it.
Week 10 will be at Centennial due to Dry Creek still being unplayable.


2014 Summer League – Week 7 Standings

3 weeks in a row!!
Pete S made $38 off 1 throw acing Hole 1 this past Wednesday. Also, Paul E. won the raffle. Congratulations to both!!
We had a packed course of 52 players this week. As the club – and the sport – continues to grow, we all need to remember our course/player etiquette and responsibilities. Please remember that we play in shared parks and with that comes a few added responsibilities. Drinking and drug use in Longmont city parks is illegal so please be discreet and use caution. Also, non-disc playing patrons of the park will always be a burden we have to accept when playing in our shared parks. The LPDGC club has decided to make some signs to inform and warn park patrons of the sport and the parks use, specifically on League & Tournament days, to hopefully stop random groups from jumping in front of cards and to also help inform non-disc playing patrons of the importance of being attentive to the sport going on around them.
Also, to help increase the speed of play due to the large numbers coming out every week, I ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the PDGA rules, specifically the 2 chapters on Courtesy & Order of Play (links below).
801.04 Courtesy
801.05 Order of Play

Thank you!

2014 Summer League – Week 6 Standings

Even with the wind and rain, 47 total players came out for week 6 of LPDGC Summer League.
Trey B. won $32 for throwing an ace on hole 8 – that’s 2 aces in 2 weeks!
The CTP prize was awarded to Nick S. and the raffle was won by Cary H.

Don’t forget about the Trilogy Challenge coming up in July – registration is available here


2014 Summer League – Week 5 Standings

Week 5 of the 2014 LPDGC Summer League will forever be remembered, as the first time in over 3 years, we paid out the Ace Pool for an ace hit during League play. Huge congratulations to Brian H. for hitting Hole 7 at Loomiller. The single throw was worth $252!!
Pete S. won the CTP of a Discraft Z Nuke and Ashley T. won the raffle of the Discraft X Apx and the privilege to set the course placements for week 7.

2014 Summer League – Week 4 Standings

Another beautiful Wednesday for Week 4 of LPDGC Summer League is in the books.
The CTP of a First Run Dynamic Discs Enforcer was won by Patrick R.
The CTP/Mulligan Raffle was won by Ashley H. awarding her a new Discraft X-Line Xpress and the privilege to set the course layout for Week 6.


*REMINDER* – The LPDGC will be holding its Quarterly Meeting on June 10 at Fire Station #3 (Pace St.) beginning at 6:30pm. The agenda for the meeting is mainly informational followed by an open forum discussion.

2014 Summer League – Week 3 Standings

The weather was beautiful and the field size was near full capacity at Loomiller for Week 3 of LPDGC Summer League.
The CTP on hole 3, hit by Joey C., was a brand new Latitude 64 Opto Fury.
We were fortunate to have 3 items to raffle off which included a brand new Discraft Z Avenger with the LPDGC stamp, a new t-shirt and gift card to Play it Again, and another golf towel donated by Cary Holt of Double Zero Brewery.


2014 Summer League – Week 2 Standings

Even with the weather bringing some rain and thunder, we had one of the largest fields in the history of the LPDGC Summer/Wednesday League with 49 players!
The CTP prize this week, a brand new Latitude 64 Opto Mace, was won by Trey B.
The Mulligan Raffle included a Discraft X-Line Wildcat and the privilege to set the course layout for Week 4, and was won by Bill D.
The overall standings are posted here and on the Club Facebook page.

2014 Summer League – Week 1 Scores

Amazing turnout for Week 1 of our LPDGC Summer League. We had 46 total players spread out over 4 divisions.

Sean L. won the CTP prize of a brand new Discraft “Big Stamp” Wasp.

Ryan S. won the Raffle for a $5 gift card to Playitagain Discgolf and a brand new Latitude 64 Gold Line Bolt. He also wins the privilege to move the baskets for Week 3 when we come back to Loomiller.

The final scores, tags, and points earned are all posted here and on the club website. Next week we move over to Centennial with the Ace Pool starting at $112.week1

Club Meeting

We will be holding a club meeting for all members on March 25, 2014.

We will go over this years events, including summer league and the tournaments we have scheduled. We are looking to get everyone more involved in projects on the course and with the club. This meeting will be an informational meeting followed by an open forum for member input and discussion.

Date: March 25, 2014
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Location: Fire Station #5 Meeting Room
617 Barberry Dr. Longmont, CO 80503