Wednesday Summer League

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”Tags”]During the off-season, before and after League, tags will be played for on Wednesdays. Check the Events page or Facebook for current information. [/stextbox]
This is our club’s signature league. Club membership is required to compete – but all are welcome to come out and play.

This is a 16 week league. Anyone is welcome to play at anytime.

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There will be 4 scratch divisions; Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, and PRO.
Each division will award prizes to the top 3 point earners after the 16 weeks. 2 weeks scores will be dropped this year. The divisions are player chosen, but your average scratch score should fall in to the following guidelines.
Recreational: 65 and higher
Intermediate: 58 – 64
Advanced: 52 – 57
PRO: Under 52
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  • Sign in: 5:30pm – 5:55pm
  • Tee Time: 6:00pm
  • Ace Pool: $1 (optional)
  • Mulligan Raffle & CTP: $2 (optional)


Scratch scores will be used for all rounds. No handicap will be used this year!

Your weekly points are calculated by awarding 1 point for each player your score is lower than; for the week; per your division – plus 1 for showing up.
Example: If you throw a 55, and if 10 people from your division play that week and your score of 55 is lower then 6 other players (you beat 6 players with your score) – your points for that week will be 6 plus 1 for showing up – for a total of 7.

Club Tags are redistributed after league play each week using your scratch score.

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Week 1 May 14 Loomiller
Week 2 May 21 Centennial
Week 3 May 28 Loomiller
Week 4 June 4 Centennial
Week 5 June 11 Loomiller
Week 6 June 18 Centennial
Week 7 June 25 Loomiller
Week 8 July 2 Centennial
Week 9 July 9 Loomiller
Week 10 July 16 Dry Creek
Week 11 July 23 Centennial
Week 12 July 30 Loomiller
Week 13 August 6 Dry Creek
Week 14 August 13 Centennial
Week 15 August 20 Loomiller
Week 16 August 27 Centennial